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Name:The Master (AU)

The Master

The Master: AU version.
Physical Appearance: Height: 5' 10". Eyes: light brown. Hair colour: light brown/dirty blond. Body: slim. Accent: Home counties British.
Played By: John Simm


For this AU version of The Master, the resurrection in “End of Time” went the way he had planned. Lucy failed to throw the potion at him, she was stopped, and she died with the other followers who performed the ritual to revive the Master. From this point, the AU starts.

He lived through the Saxon years, and “End of Time” as per canon, mostly, but in the form of the 'Saxon body', not the torn-apart and dying body of the white haired feral Master.

The full story involves a very partial re-write of “End of Time” parts 1 and 2. If you need to know how it works, follow this link:


This Master has no TARDIS but he does have a vortex manipulator. He was also able to construct another laser screwdriver. He no longer wears the distinctive ring, and doesn't need it - that was destroyed in the explosion at his resurrection. It makes sense that he'd have back-up plans, a few followers to run the occasional errand, and all manner of helpful little toys lying around.

He had access to the TARDIS for some time as he created the paradox machine, so any bits of technology he stole from TARDIS (like the jelly babies) before the paradox machine was switched on, he would still have. And he's brilliant with technology, so could build useful things.

The cosmos is so much fun these days. Footloose and fancy free, the Master is still batshit mad, still hears the drums, and still would like very much to take control of the TARDIS again.

... After all, he does rather miss his paradox machine.

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